To Ride or Not To Ride…

“In partnership with a horse, one is seldom lacking for thought, emotion or inspiration.” Charles DeKnuffy Who says you have to ride?  So often we think that the time with our horse has to be riding.  Truth is there are endless ways to spend time with your horse without riding to build upon your relationship […]

What do Dolphins and Horses Have in Common?

Quite a bit when it comes to Dr. Jena Questen, DVM, CertAqV, affectionately called Dr. Q by all who know her. Originally from Bailey, Dr. Q purchased Aspen Park Vet Hospital in 2017.  Dr. Q has a diverse background that connects horses as well as animals who live under the water.  She is a Holistic […]

Looking Through New Eyes

May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears. – Nelson Mandela In addition to the Colorado Corral’s overarching purpose of connecting our amazing and gritty local horse community, this year we are going to turn up the volume on the horses and explore ways to improve their lives and our relationships with them.  […]

Oh The Places You’ll Go – With Horses!

Whether you trail ride, compete, head to warmer climates or need to haul to a veterinary specialist, there are many reasons to know how to keep you and your horses safe and comfortable on the road.  European horse people marvel at the distances American’s travel with our horses in the United States.  A two-day drive […]