Cavalia Odysseo and Horsecapades

We went to see Odysseo this past Sunday with tickets that we bought at the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank fundraiser  October 3rd.

Odysseo was truly amazing.

I have always been a little weary as a horse person going to see one of these kinds of productions.  Kind of like watching a movie about a horse or with a horse as a major part of the story.  If you are a horse person, you get distracted by the horse aspects that are cheesy, unrealistic or just would never happen in real life.  You can pick out the actors who really don’t know how to ride, hoky language… you know what I’m saying.  You just wish they would have just hired a “Horse Consultant” to keep it accurate, right?

That said, as a horse person, I enjoyed Odysseo immensely.  The horses were beautiful, well cared for and happy.  All of the riders were accomplished, many were excellent and a few were extremely talented.

I thought it was a wonderful tribute to horses, their connection with people and just the beautiful and magical animals that they are.  All of the performers are obviously devoted to the horses and the training that would go into the performances.

The musicians and performers were top notch and made the most complex and strength demanding feats look easy.  The production itself was incredible with costumes, lighting, props, scenes and a stage that absolutely world worthy.  By the way, it is a intimate theatre and I cannot image there is a bad seat.

I heard that some of the Odysseo trick riders went and watched the Westernaires trick riders during their stay.  They learned some new tricks and/or way to do some of the moves from the Westernaire trick riders, which is fun.

Now we are looking forward to going to Horsecapades this weekend to see our very talented Westernaires perform their feats!