Flowers For Food! Colorado Horsecare Foodbank Fundraiser

We are collecting your personal pots to start planting so you are ready for spring!  Our Spring fundraiser, Flowers for Food™, begins its sixth year in 2014. We offer deck rail planters and hanging baskets with flowers we cultivate in the Foodbank’s two mountain greenhouses. While the snow is still swirling in Evergreen, we get our greenhouses growing! Pricing for our exquisite planters is very competitive; our plants are hardy; and we spend hours selecting plants that offer more interesting colors than you’ll find at local nurseries. Give us a chance to beautify your home environment—you’ll be supporting a great cause in the process.

Pre-Orders & Refills:  Would you like to have your own planters refilled next year? Prices for refilling your pots and/or planters vary depending on the volume of plant material needed. If you would like an estimate of the cost, please call Juliana Lehman at 303-670-1474.

Click here for order form:  Flowers For Food Order Form