How to add an Event

First time to add an event to  Hover over the “Event” tab on any page and a drop down will have one link for “Add an Event”.  This will take you to the login page.  Click on the red word “Register”  just under the red “Login” button.  Register for a user id that you provide and enter your email – a password will be emailed to you.  Create something that you will remember next time you want to add an event.

Tip:  Use the drop down menus for Venues and Organizers to see if your information may already be entered.

Or, this link will take you to the login page:


Adding another event:  Once you have created your login and have your password, just “Add an Event” as often as you like.

Please limit events that you post on to events that are in our area or are related to our community.  Thank you!