A read for all who enjoy the Colorado trails (and roads)

“Yet, if one leaves the main towns and thoroughfares and ventures a few miles into the ‘backcountry,’ a fairyland of untold beauty unfolds in almost any direction.” – Donald L. Baars As mountain residents, we enjoy some of the most beautiful trails in the nation. Not just a few, but several right in our backyards, […]

About the Colorado Corral

I started writing this column a little over five years ago and while the monthly deadline seems to come up quite quickly, you cannot replace the people and stories that I have had the opportunity to know along the way. I have never had to wonder what to write because someone or something horsey is […]

Colorado Corral Ranch Race & Western Dressage Weekend Results – October 5 & 6th!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vOrBIQid8Q&feature=share&list=PLXxjmVatl5_NPtNZdg-n9Wx6XBcgizF1e[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UZ1AFkltew&feature=share&list=PLXxjmVatl5_NPtNZdg-n9Wx6XBcgizF1e[/youtube] After delaying the original dates because of the flood, the Evergreen Rodeo Grounds took some extra preparation!  In some areas, there were 2-3’ deep trenches dug by run off that became re-routed down the main drive and into the arena.  Starry Night Ranch hired a local Bobcat operator to come move dirt around […]


“Lord willing and the creek don’t rise” and “come hell or high water” have taken on new meaning to me! As you can imagine, I have been heavily deliberating about canceling the clinic/show, which is normally not a good idea for many reasons. I think we are now past normal and in light of the […]