The horse is never wrong. – Tom Dorrance

Or another way to say that is that it is never the horse’s fault.  In reference to riding, Buck Brannaman said, “There are no problem horses, only problem riders.”  What does all of this really mean? Are we doing something wrong?  In all horse circles you may step into, you will hear many perspectives, some […]

To Ride or Not To Ride…

“In partnership with a horse, one is seldom lacking for thought, emotion or inspiration.” Charles DeKnuffy Who says you have to ride?  So often we think that the time with our horse has to be riding.  Truth is there are endless ways to spend time with your horse without riding to build upon your relationship […]

Local Spotlight: Kari Ketchledge

The chronicles of local horse trainer Kari Ketchledge, spans most every breed, location and discipline you may have ever pondered about.  In 34 years as a professional horse trainer, she has won 50 mile endurance races, trained teams of draft horses to drive, started hundreds of sport horses, trained polo ponies and jumpers, and studied […]