Colorado Horsecare Foodbank FUNdraiser Coming September 28th!

Sell the cow, buy the sheep, but never be without the horse.  – Irish Proverb

Sign up at for this years HAY BALES & HORSE TALES!

Chuck and Gail Ridings’ will again host the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank fundraiser Hay Bales  & Horse Tales at their Lucky Penny Ranch in Hangen Ranch.  What a treat as a horse nut to be able to see such a beautifully groomed and cared for ranch in one of our picturesque horse neighborhoods!  The location is perfect for horse lovers from our region to gather and support the vital services being performed by the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank.  Come join us again this year!

Juliana Lehman started this non-profit 501(C)3 foodbank to help keep horses in their homes during times of financial hardships through food grants as well as resources for interim help with needs such as veterinary and hoof care.  Locals Kelly Hendricks and Ellen Storeim joined Juliana as founding board members.

How can you help?  During this economic environment as well as with the drought and fires throughout the west, hay will be in short supply this year and into next for sure.  There are five different ways that you can get involved year round:

HAY:  The foodbank is always looking for people who grow, haul or have the equipment to hay or can sell your hay to the foodbank at a low cost.

EQUINE RELATED SERVICES:  Farriers and veterinarians can offer services at no cost or a discount to foodbank clients.

TIME:  There are events such as Hay Bales & Horse Tales and other areas for volunteers to get involved and offer as much or as little time as you have available.

FINANCIAL:  Of course financial donations are always helpful for buying hay or helping horse owners during times of hardship to take care of their animals.

FUNDRAISERS:  The Colorado Horsecare Foodbank has put together three unique ways to support them.

Hay Bales & Horse Tales is in the fall with destination locations, live music, great food and beverages as well as a silent and live auction full of horsey and non-horsey items.

Flowers for Food starts before the last snow as foodbank volunteers start growing hearty local and unusual flowers and plants in two area greenhouses.  Then in the spring they offer amazing planters and baskets at competitive prices.

Horseshoes & Barbeques is a series of trail rides and even some cattle drives at exclusive locations around our area.  Look for each years offering on the website in the spring.

Thank you to the Ridings’ and all of the people who put together such an amazing evening for the horses and their people!

Colorado Horsecare Foodbank –, – 5178 S. Elk Ridge Road, Evergreen, CO  80439

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